Betar Eretz Israel, Work Groups Headquarters, Circulars

03.03.1932 - 06.09.1934

Reference Code : B 5 - 1/ 4

Archive: Betar Eretz Israel, Work Groups Headquarters
Material status: Scanned


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Main topics:
Publishing the communication; Preparations for Betar Olim conferences; Monetary matters and managing books in units; Mutual assistance; Absorbing immigrants; Creating mutual fund for medical care; Establishing central library; Obtaining Betar membership cards; Betar Head project; situation of Galil units and settlement; Shekel distribution campaign; Idea to transform Betar units to military units; Situation of Unit Administration; Problems in relationship between units and their leadership; Betar graduates recruitment obligation; Relationship with Jewish Agency; Publication of newspaper 'HaMedina' (The State); Struggle against bringing in exports; Work plan.