Betar Eretz Israel, Work Groups Headquarters, Galil Work Unit - Correspondence and Personal Questionnaires

27.10.1932 - 31.12.1934

Reference Code : B 5 - 3/ 2/ 2

Archive: Betar Eretz Israel, Work Groups Headquarters
Material status: Scanned


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Main topics:
Transferring people and arranging work; Situation in Unit branches in Rosh Pina, Yesod HaMaale, Yavniel and Migdal; Lack of funds; Unit tax; Financial disagreement between HaGalil Unit and Haifa Unit; Struggle with Histadrut (Labor Federation); Instruction about closing Unit headquarters as result of work conflicts.
Also in file: Circular from HaGalil Unit Command regarding Unit's work plan, its organization, cultural work and budget; Memorandum to PICA (Palestine Jewish Colonization Association) administration and memorandum to Hatzohar (Zionist Revisionists) Center in Haifa about Galil settlement; Trial and verdict against Yehiel Bergman; Meeting protocol of HaGalil Unit from 25.7.1934; Financial reports about HaGalil Unit expenses and income.
List of HaGalil Unit members on 15.9.1933; Lists of members in Yavniel Unit, Rosh Pina Unit and Yesod HaMaale Unit.