Betar Eretz Israel, Work Groups Headquarters, Herzliya Unit - Correspondence

15.05.1931 - 05.06.1934

Reference Code : B 5 - 3/ 3

Archive: Betar Eretz Israel, Work Groups Headquarters
Material status: Scanned


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Main topics:
Work and economic situation in the Unit; Requests to receive personnel for the Unit; Transferring people; Crises and conflicts in Unit; Requests for release and attention to personal matters of the workers; Struggles over work rights; Monetary issues; Experiment to establish separate Unit; Dissolution of Unit.
Also in file:
Letter announcing that received land from Keren HaKayemet (JNF) and conditions for working this land; Bills for expenses; Financial report form May 1933; Lists of members from Herzliya Work Unit; General balance sheet up to 1/12/1933.