Betar Eretz Israel, Work Groups Headquarters, Kfar Saba Unit - Correspondence

17.12.1931 - 31.01.1935

Reference Code : B 5 - 3/ 5

Archive: Betar Eretz Israel, Work Groups Headquarters
Material status: Scanned
Date Type: Approximate


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Main topics:
Situation in Unit; Requests for vacation and release; Requests for receive equipment; Transferring people; Appointments; Dinar campaign; Organizational coordination; Financial issues.
Also in file: Personal questionnaires of Unit members; Verdict in trials against Betar members Herlinger and Ness.; Lists of Kfar Saba Unit members; Monetary reports; Protocols of Unit meeting from 15.11.1934; Newspaper item from 'The New Judaea', January 1935 about Kfar Saba Work Unit.