Jabotinsky Zeev , Activities for Jewish Legion: Letters, Recollections and Newspaper Items (including from 1961)

03.08.1915 - 27.02.1920

Reference Code : A 1 - 4/ 6/ 1

Archive: Jabotinsky Zeev
Material status: Scanned


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Zeev Jabotinsky's correspondence with British government offices and various British individuals regarding his suggestion to establish a Jewish legion to be dispatched to the Middle East;
Correspondence with officers of Mule Corps (Patterson and Hamilton) about the legion's activities and importance;
Correspondence with G. S. Amery about activity to establish a Jewish legion and Zeev Jabotinsky's release from army service;
Document about release of Legion members;
Recommendation from Russian embassy in London for Zeev Jabotinsky to British authorities and request to aid him in efforts for the legions;
Memorandum in Jabotinsky's handwriting, signed by Yosef Trumpeldor, regarding activity of mule corps drivers;
Zeev Jabotinsky's program to establish a Jewish force to fight in framework of British army;
Note with calculation of cost to establish and sustain the legion;
Memorandum from Chaim Weizmann regarding establishment of Jewish legion;
Chaim Weizmann's letters to Mark Sykes requesting aid for Jabotinsky's initiative to set up a Jewish legion and to post it to Egypt;
Letter from the planning committee to parties interested in the legion in New York about preparations to enlist American Jews for an additional legion in the legion framework, signed by Nahum Slouschz, Yitzhak Ben Zvi and David Ben Gurion;
Newspaper item about Jabotinsky's opinion of the future of the Jewish legion in Eretz Israel;
Newspaper item presenting Zeev Jabotinsky's three letters to Yosef Trumpeldor regarding activities to further the idea of establishing the legion and importance of the mule corps;
Recollections about Zeev Jabotinsky and his major role in establishing the Eretz Israel legion.
Includes letters in German.