Meeting On Occasion of Publication of Book by Shmuel Katz - Jabo

Recording reference code : CS - 518

Event type: Conference
Speaker: Tavin Eli,Weiss Hillel,Laskov Shulamit,Katz Shmuel
Interviewer: Carpi Daniel (Moderator)
Recording date: 29/11/1993
Event date - from: 01/01/1882
Event date - to: 31/12/1940


Meeting for book launch for 'Jabo' - monograph on Zeev Jabotinsky.
Eli Tevin - Greetings;
Hillel Weiss - Portrait of Zeev Jabotinsky;
Shulamit Laskov - Jabotinsky ties with Joseph Trumpeldor, their struggle to establish Jewish Legion and independent Jewish Defense Forces in Russia, their attitude to settlement in the Galilee panhandle;
Shmuel Katz - place of Jabotinsky in Zionist movement.