Recording reference code : CS - 734/ 1

Event type: Testimony
Speaker: Stein Moshe
Interviewer: Kipnis Avigdor
Recording date: 27/07/1993
Testimony reference code: TS21 - 2,TS21 - 2
Link to testimony: Stein Moshe
Event date - from: 01/01/1932
Event date - to: 31/12/1948


Activity of Betar volunteer service units in Rosh Pina, receiving illegal immigrants in Rosh Pina, Etzel commanders course in Kalmania, Etzel broadcast station operations, pasting notices, organizing illegal immigration from Romania in 1938, lieutenants and officers courses in Poland, organizing illegal immigration from Poland in 1939, escapes from detention camps in Kenya, split of Etzel and establishment of Lehi, King David hotel explosion.