To Die or Conquer the Mountain

Recording reference code : CS - 586

Event type: Testimony
Speaker: Shmuelevitz Matityahu,Shein Avraham,Zurabin Shalom,Abrikant Yitzhak,Spitzman Avraham,Rosenfeld Shalom,Hoter-Yishai Aharon,Nedava Yosef,Gurion Yitzhak,Tavin Eli
Event date - from: 01/01/1938
Event date - to: 31/12/1948


- Continuation of reading Matityahu Shmuelevitz statement at his trial in British military court .
- To die or conquer the mountain: radio program marking twenty-five years since hanging of Shlomo Ben - Yosef.
Story of Avraham Shein and Shalom Zurabin. Yitzhak Avrikent and Avraham Spitzman reminiscing about Ben-Yosef. Shalom Rosenfeld speaks about Betar units, its activity and ideology behind its establishment. Argument about restraint and breaking it. Activities of Ben-Yosef and his friends. Aharon Hoter-Yishai talks about the trial and sentencing. Struggle for life of those convicted: protests, prayers and fast days; Yosef Nedava speaks about efforts by Zeev Jabotinsky and Yitzhak Gurion in Israel to rescue Ben-Yosef. Yitzhak Ziv-Av on meeting of journalists with Ben-Yosef. Eli Tavin speaks about feelings in hometown of Ben-Yosef. Burial of Ben-Yosef in Rosh Pina.