Z.Z.W. Warsaw Ghetto, Mendelson Kalman (Meidnovsky Kazimierz), Testimony, Approvals, Declarations, Letters

01.11.1959 - 01.04.1982

Reference Code : K 7 b - 1/ 2

Archive: Z.Z.W. Warsaw Ghetto


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Member of Jewish Military Organization Headquarters (ZZW), injured and taken to hospital where he worked Henryk Iwanski, received Polish identity. Took part in Polish uprising and survived.
In file: article by Kalman Mendelson, 'Those who were with us,' main topics: armed struggle by Jewish Military Organization against German Aktion, building bunkers, weapons procurement, his participation in Warsaw ghetto.
Hebrew translation, printing, (source published in newspaper Argumenty Issue No. (775) 15, 15/04/1973 in Polish). Approval of Jewish Historical Institute about participation in underground activities, (Polish and Hebrew translation).
Approvals and statements about his participation in war against German occupation in the underground, Jewish Military Organization and Defense Corp KB, by Henryk Iwanski (Bistry), Neimirsky Yosef (Polish), Kalman Mendelson, Vladislav Lazarescu (Captain), Ahendzy Feitrikovsky (General), Tadeusz Bednarczyk (Polish and Hebrew translation). Letters from Kalman Mendelson to Chaya Lazar (Polish).