Ariel Sharon, A Staunch Supporter of the Jabotinsky Institute

"The Jabotinsky Institute in Israel shares in mourning the loss of your esteemed father Ariel Sharon, prime minister, cabinet minister and general. His long mission in the service of Israel's security has come to an end, and now he has entered the pantheon of the great leaders of Israel. We of the Jabotinsky Institute shall always remember Ariel Sharon's support for the Institute and the dissemination of Jabotinsky's heritage, in his position as the head of the Likud Movement."

These words opened a condolence letter sent by Jabotinsky Institute in Israel Chairman of the Board Mordechai Sarig to Ariel Sharon's sons Omri and Gilad upon the death of their father on January 11, 2014, following eight years of being in a state of coma.

Indeed, Ariel Sharon cared deeply about the Jabotinsky Institute. In July 2000, he visited the Institute at the invitation of the directorate, then headed by the late Peleg Tamir. Here, Ariel Sharon personally greeted and shook the hand of each and every worker, and inquired about the nature of his or her work.

Following his visit, Sharon penned a letter calling upon all Likud activists and all who cherish Jabotinsky's legacy to support and aid the Institute which bears his name.
In this letter of February 18, 2001, Ariel Sharon wrote,
…During my recent visit to the Institute, I was deeply impressed by the educational activities and extensive research projects being carried out in the Institute’s efforts to preserve and bring to life the legacy of Ze’ev Jabotinsky. The Institute has revived fruitful discussions concerning Jabotinsky’s Zionist creed, and has succeeded in demonstrating the relevancy of his thoughts even today.
…The Jabotinsky Institute seeks friends and supporters to expand and broaden its activities in enhancing its goals. There is a great importance in supporting the Institute, which contributes so significantly to the increased awareness of our cause. I do sincerely hope that you will become a friend and supporter of the Institute.
On an additional occasion in 2004, when Sharon was already serving as Prime Minister, he urged Likud Movement leaders to ascertain that documentary material relating to their activities be bequeathed to the Archives of the Jabotinsky Institute, which serves as the archives of the Likud Movement as well.