Shilton Betar, Paris - London, Executive Committee and Department of Organization: Circulars

16.09.1932 - 02.10.1939

Reference Code : B 2 - 7/ 1

Archive: Shilton Betar, Paris - London
Material status: Scanned


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Main topics:
Decisions by Betar institutions about issues of organization, budget, aliyah, instruction and information. Information about situation in Revisionist Movement, relationship with Workers' Movement in Eretz Israel, Campaign to Purchase Betar Membership Cards, preparations for World Conference, Tel Hai Fund, response to riots in Eretz Israel, Hatzohar World Conference, Letter Campaign, aliyah by Betar members, Betar Council in Prague, Shlomo Ben Yosef Affair, results of the World Conference, enlistment legislation, establishment of Jabotinsky Institute, Brit Trumpeldor structural legislation.
Composition of World Betar, 10/3/1937 (photocopy, not scanned)