Etzel Diaspora Headquarters, Paris, National Liberation Committee - American League for a Free Palestine, French League for a Free Eretz Israel - Publications

01.01.1946 - 31.12.1949

Reference Code : K 18 - 3/ 4

Archive: Etzel Diaspora Headquarters, Paris
Material status: Scanned
Date Type: Approximate


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Excerpt from press conference in which plan to immigrate one hundred thousand Jewish refugees to Eretz Israel was proposed to President Harry Truman. Notice about Etzel meeting in U.S. Flyer calling for donations for Resistance and Israeli Defense Fund. Pamphlet ' We Cannot Have Both Imperialism and Peace.' Etzel publication on need to establish provisional government and critique of Jewish Agency.
Newspaper - news on Committee for Nation Liberation - about special UN session in June 1947, Aliyah and illegal immigration, freedom enterprise and fighting in Eretz Israel. Includes publications and notices in French.