Etzel Fallen Fighters Commemorated in the Archives and the Website


The Jabotinsky Institute Archive preserves and makes accessible hundreds of files of Movement personalities, in addition to those of Zeev Jabotinsky and his family. It also houses no fewer than 500 files of fallen fighters from Etzel, The National Military Organization, maintained in a special collection.

The catalog of files can be found on the Institute internet site, where searches are conducted by name of the fallen or by other values, including the place where the fighter fell. At present we are working intensively to scan files in color, and have already uploaded more than half of these files to our site.

Each fallen Etzel fighter has a file which includes: a personal detail page taken from the Etzel book of fallen fighters, 'Their Memory – Forever', or from the Ministry of Defense official commemorative site, a personal detail card, questionnaires, life history, death notices, written eulogies typewritten and also in newspapers, as well as personal photographs, letters, diaries, poems and writings by the fighter.

These files are all stored in the Institute Archive in two formats –actual files which can be viewed in our reading room, and virtual files, available to anyone searching the Institute site. All fallen fighters and Etzel members are commemorated in this way – and this comprehensive collection surpasses any other of its kind – catalogued and preserved by professional and caring hands.

Many people view these files – among them families of the fallen and commemorative organizations like "To Give a Face to the Fallen". Not a few previously unknown details have been revealed in this way. In order to listen to audio documentation and read typewritten testimonies, one must visit the Archive.

Testimony of Etzel and Lehi members' stories and activities can be found in another collection of the Institute, including many hundreds of written and audio-visual testimonies. A detailed catalog of these is located on the internet site, according to witness' name, and it is possible to conduct searches.

We invite family members of Etzel fighters to pass on documents to us that you may have at home, for safe-keeping and care in the Jabotinsky Institute. In this way, we can commemorate your loved ones, and also make available important testimonial materials for the benefit of researchers and interested parties.

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