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The new English interface provides online access to the detailed catalog of the Jabotinsky Institute, which, until now, existed only in Hebrew. From now on, Internet users can search the archive files and collections.
Currently, we are engaged in an intensive translation process from Hebrew to English.

Please note, the English search interface is in process. Should you have questions or comments, please refer to:
Material types translated to English, in which searches may be conducted and scanned materials may be viewed, include:

Jabotinsky – Letters: Letters of Zeev Jabotinsky to various individuals. Search for letters according to recipient.


Jabotinsky – Articles: Articles by Zeev Jabotinsky in various languages.


Books: Catalog of books in the Jabotinsky Institute library either written by Zeev Jabotinsky or about him in various languages. Books and other publications relating to Betar and the Revisionist Movement, in various languages.


Periodicals / Newspapers: Catalog of periodicals and newspapers in the Jabotinsky Institute library on the Zionist and Revisionist Movements in English and other languages.


Photographs: Photographs of Zeev Jabotinsky, his family, activities of the Revisionist Movement, Betar branches throughout the world, Etzel activities, prisons and detention camps in Eretz Israel and in Africa, and more.


Research: Catalogof research carried out by students, in various languages, and submitted to the Jabotinsky Institute.


Audiovisual: Catalog of film collections including television and radio programs and documentary films on topics related to activities of the Revisionist Movement, the Betar Youth Movement, Etzel and Lehi Underground organizations, the Illegal Immigration operation, the Herut and Likud Movements and more. The collection also includes election broadcasts.


Audio Collection: Collection of audio tapes and recordings of testimonies, radio programs, events and lectures.


Testimonies / Interviews: Catalog of transcripts of testimonies, radio programs, recordings of events and lectures.


Fallen – Files: Catalog of files of Etzel fighters who fell in the struggle to establish the State of Israel. Collection also includes files of some Lehi fighters. Search by name or location where fell.


Files: Archives of Revisionist Movement institutions,  Betar Youth Movement, Herut and Likud Movements, Jewish Legion, NILI, Brit HaBirionim, Etzel, Lehi, Illegal Immigration, Deportees to Africa, Olei HaGardom and personal archives of Zeev Jabotinsky and Revisionist Movement leaders.

A detailed list of the archives can be viewed in "Catalog of Files".


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