The National Sport – The Af-Al-Pi Immigration

 This presentation consists of an exhibit and film on the Revisionist movement's illegal immigration on the eve of the Second World War. It tells the dramatic story of the Aliyah Bet, which from 1934 brought some 30 ships — many in dangerously dilapidated condition — carrying over 20,000 immigrants to safety in Eretz Israel. These men, women, and children from a darkening Europe came in response to Jabotinsky's call, in a rescue mission he termed "The National Sport."

Visitors to the exhibit enter the boat — which recreates the atmosphere of an illegal immigrant ship from the 1930's — and experience its grueling journey from a European port to the Promised Land. The film is projected on a giant screen, bringing viewers directly into the drama they see and hear around them. Artificial mists and splashing water enhance the true-to-life sensation.

The film is presented in Hebrew, English, Russian and French.

Concept and design: Anat Herman - Winzigster

Film: Disk-In, Smart Visual Communications

Script: Guy Michael

Steering Committee of the Jabotinsky Institute:

Peleg Tamir (Chairman), Yossi Ahimeir (Director-General), Amiram Bukspan, Ran Dvir, Mordechai Sarig, Shlomo Kattan, Irit Sivan, Amira Stern