About the Museum

Yael Meshorer - Chief Instructor

Tel: +972-3-5286523, +972-3-5287320

The Jabotinsky Museum is one of the most distinctive historical museums in Tel Aviv. With the inauguration of the exhibit on The Af Al Pi Illegal Immigration to Eretz Israel, the museum embarked upon a course of harnessing state-of-the-art technology to make history come alive. Static presentations of documents and photographs have been replaced by short, dynamic multi-media presentations with vibrant special effects to enhance the total experience.

The exhibits are designed to stimulate the visitors' curiosity. For further information on the subject matter introduced in the exhibits, brochures are provided with historical background and selected bibliographies.

Individual visitors can view the exhibit independently, with tour guides available for groups.

To arrange guided tours and study days for groups, please e-mail museum@jabotinsky.org or call +972-3-5286523.