Ze'ev Jabotinsky - Historical Life-Span

Jabotinsky's image, the essence of his thought, and his political/ideological path are presented in a distinctive style that is relevant to contemporary audiences–and the younger generation as well.

The visitor is introduced to the many phases of Jabotinsky's life, from his childhood in Odessa until his untimely death in New York and his state funeral in Jerusalem 24 years later. Special emphasis is placed upon his political and educational activities on behalf of Zionism, highlighting the founding of the Jewish Legion, the Revisionist movement and the New Zionist Organization, and setting a strategy for the rescue of European Jewry. His crowning achievement, the creation of the Betar youth movement, commands a central position in the exhibit.

The exhibit is three-dimensional, comprising 14 showcases designed to both stand as independent displays as well as backdrops for the audio-visual presentation.

The audio-visual presentation is a 15-minute-film emanating from two projectors on six ascending and descending screens. The film's theme is an imaginary conversation between Ze'ev Jabotinsky and his son Eri. Actor Asher Tsarfati plays the father, and Eri is portrayed by Gil Soriano.

The film is presented in Hebrew, English, Russian and French.

Concept and design: Bat Sheva Graphic Art Ltd and Architect Uri Stern-Shaviv

Curator: Sarah Harel-Hoshen

Film: Nissan Belkin and Sharon Zegen - Telemedia Communications Ltd.

Sections of "Life in Turmoil," through the generosity of the Aryeh Ben-Eliezer Midrasha Leumit and Gidon Gadot

Script: Oren Neeman Steering Committee of the

Jabotinsky Institute:

Peleg Tamir (Chairman), Yossi Ahimeir, Amiram Bukspan, Mordechai Sarig, Naftali Dresner, Naomi Tal, Irit Sivan, Amira Stern

Supervision: Architect Amir Berger