12 Heshvan: Vladimir Jabotinsky's birthday, 136 years ago.


"Were I asked, I would not have agreed to be born in any other city", wrote in his story, "Story of My Life", about Odessa, city of his birth, where he wrote

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 his first articles.

This past September, a delegation from the Jabotinsky Institute visited Odessa, where, for the first time, they viewed the listing of Jabotinsky's birth in the Birth Entry Book of the Odessa Rabbinate, in 1880. The delegation visited the house in which he was born and the house in which he spent his childhood.

Over time, Zeev Jabotinsky prevented his followers from celebrating his birthday, shying away from cults of the individual, though they continued to sing "Jabotinsky lives on…" even following his death in 1940, at less than 60 years of age.

When the Jabotinsky Public Council, in the Prime Minister's Office, wished to establish the date 12 Heshvan as Jabotinsky Day in the schools, it was noted that, on this very date in 1995, Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin had been assassinated. Therefore, 12 Tevet was arbitrarily chosen as the date on which schools would devote an hour or two to learning about the Zionist Revisionist leader and his activities.