Jabotinsky Zeev , Contracts, agreements, power of attorney

24.10.1906 - 10.01.1939

Reference Code : A 1 - 1/ 8

Archive: Jabotinsky Zeev
Material status: Scanned


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Contracts regarding:
Organization of journeys to United States and lecture tours;
Zeev Jabotinsky's appointment as editor of newspaper Today's Mail;
Zeev Jabotinsky's appointment as director of the Yehudah company in Jerusalem;
Publication of Max Nordau's book in Hebrew by the Mitzpe company;
Publication of Zeev Jabotinsky's books;
Contract proposal between Jabotinsky and Y.M. Rosenfeld to write a book about the war and the Jews, including corrections and comments in his handwriting;
Power of attorney from Jabotinsky to Shlomo Gepstein as his attorney;
Agreement proposal with Paramount Productions regarding adaptation of his book 'Samson' to a film;
Includes documents in French, Russian and Polish.