Shilton Betar, Paris - London, Executive Committee and Department of Organization: Commands and Instructions

11.06.1931 - 24.06.1937

Reference Code : B 2 - 7/ 2

Archive: Shilton Betar, Paris - London
Material status: Scanned


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Description of events, decisions and instructions from Shilton to officers and Betar Netzivim (commissioners) about organizational matters, tax collection, Betar Museum, School for Leadership, Betar aliyah (immigration), contributions, campaigns and budgets, relationship with Workers' Federation, press and information, Campaign to Purchase Betar Membership Cards, attitude towards Germany, preparations for World Conference, Ben Gurion - Jabotinsky Agreement (Labor Agreement), Tel Hai Fund, opposition to Partition Plan of Eretz Israel, Shlomo Ben Yosef Affair, Illegal aliyah, Service Units.