N.Z.O. Political Office, Jerusalem, Hatzach Central Office Tel Aviv - Circulars

01.01.1942 - 15.02.1946

Reference Code : G 6 - 2/ 2

Archive: N.Z.O. Political Office, Jerusalem
Material status: Scanned


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Hatzach - New Zionist Organization:
Circulars sent to Hatzach institutions in Eretz Israel.
Main topics:
Choosing a temporary center for Hatzach in Eretz Israel, elections to Central Committee; acquiring membership letter (card), Herzl - Jabotinsky Rally, List of those elected to Hatzach Central Office, Elections to elected assembly, Verdict in trial of Zeev Von Weisl, Declarations about policies of British authorities, Hatzach Central Office Platform, Financial loan organization, Relations with Yishuv (pre-State community) leadership and fire set in Betar Haifa branch.