N.Z.O. Political Office, Jerusalem, National Labour Organisation in Eretz Israel - Correspondence

02.01.1941 - 14.03.1946

Reference Code : G 6 - 3/ 8/ 2

Archive: N.Z.O. Political Office, Jerusalem
Material status: Scanned


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Hatzach - New Zionist Organization:
Main topics:
Claims against Histadrut HaOvdim HaKlalit (General Federation of Laborers) and Mandate authorities about discrimination at work places; Claims about Hatzach attitude toward the National Labour Organisation; Incident of conflict with Kupat Holim Leumit (National Health Fund); Attention to work conflicts; Personal requests concerning employee issues; Budgetary issues; Financial reports; Industrial Project for Soldiers; Establishment of Council of Consumer Organizations; Preparations for Fifth National Conference of Histadrut (labor union); Imprisonment of Ruth HaLevi, secretary of National Labour Organisation, Ramat Gan.
Also in file: Protocols from meetings of secretaries of Executive Committee, regulations of National Labour Organisation courts and proposal to establish pension fund.