N.Z.O. Political Office, Jerusalem, Jewish National Council to 'Knesset Israel' (Jewish Peoples Council) - Correspondence

10.11.1940 - 30.11.1946

Reference Code : G 6 - 7/ 1

Archive: N.Z.O. Political Office, Jerusalem
Material status: Scanned


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Hatzach - New Zionist Organization:
Main topics:
Updates about goings on in Yishuv (pre-State community) including: Clashes with the Arabs, enlistment in British Army, aliyah (immigration) to Eretz Israel; Correspondence between Jewish National Council
and Teachers' Organization Center about work regulations for teachers; Hatzach position regarding need to change composition of Jewish National Council; Appointments and personal requests;
Jewish National Council publications about: Shabbat (Sabbath) law, negotiations with government over illegal immigration, situation in Syria, Lebanon and Eretz Israel, budget and monetary matters, Knesset Israel (Jewish Peoples Council) and Agudat Israel (Union of Israel), enlistment in British Army, limitations placed on aliyah (immigration to Eretz Israel), work relations and activities of Jewish National Council departments.
Also in file: Section from diary of Bernard Yosef about policy of restraint vis a vis the Arabs; Letter from students at Bilu School about refusal to pay tax to Keren HaKayemet (Jewish National Fund) and their desire to transfer it to Tel Hai Fund.