N.Z.O. Political Office, Jerusalem, Office of Chief Secretary of Government of Eretz Israel - Correspondence

01.12.1940 - 05.10.1945

Reference Code : G 6 - 8/ 2

Archive: N.Z.O. Political Office, Jerusalem
Material status: Scanned


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Hatzach - New Zionist Organization:
Main topics:
British policy limiting aliyah (immigration to Eretz Israel); Requests for visas and certificates; attending to detainees in Latrun and Atlit; protest against deportation of detainees to exile in Africa; appointments to Court for Salaried Employees;
Request to alter method for enlisting in Jewish police; Declaration about character of Hatzach as a political organization and denial of any connection to Etzel and its activities; Hatzach protest against its members' arrests;
Founding League for Jewish Dominion in Eretz Israel.
Also in file: protocol of conversation between Chief Secretary MacPherson and
Dr. Danziger from 21.3.42 (German); protocol of conversation between Chief Secretary Shaw and Hatzach representatives on question of Eretz Israel and the Jewish people, Jewish Legion, Avraham Shein, detainees in the Sudan, visit in Atlit Camp.