N.Z.O. Political Office, Jerusalem, Conflicts Between National Labour Organisation and Health Fund for National Labour

03.01.1941 - 23.02.1943

Reference Code : G 6 - 16/ 10

Archive: N.Z.O. Political Office, Jerusalem
Material status: Scanned


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Hatzach - New Zionist Organization:
Conflict about autonomous administrative status of Kupat Holim (Health Fund) for National Labour within National Labour Organisation; Correspondence with Hatzach Committee of Arbitration under direction of Herman Segal; and response from different sides;
Correspondence with Yosef Paamoni, appointed as director of Kupat Holim; Letters of protest from doctors and Kupat Holim activists; Verdict handed down by Hatzach High Court;
Correspondence with Dr. David Bukspan, after his appointment by Hatzach as executive for Kupat Holim matters.