Betar Eretz Israel, Work Groups Headquarters, Shilton Betar - Correspondence

05.10.1931 - 27.09.1934

Reference Code : B 5 - 2/ 8

Archive: Betar Eretz Israel, Work Groups Headquarters
Material status: Scanned


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Main Topics:
Organizational and aliyah absorption difficulties; Discrimination in certificate distribution and boycott of schedule; Dispatching envoys to Diaspora; Conflict between Rosh Pina Unit and Hatzohar and Betar Workers Organization; Situation of Work Units; Structure and authority in the Units; Dealing with those who refuse recruitment to Work Units; Imposing aliyah (immigration) tax; Educating olim; Idea for establishing Bank HaAmal; Budgetary issues and requests for financial assistance; Negotiations with Keren HaKayemet LeIsrael (JNF) about land, distribution of incoming funds and other issues.
Also in file: Memorandum from Units Administration about situation in Eretz Israel, Aliyah, situation in the Units and their administration; Regulations for granting vacation to Betar members; Shilton Betar decisions concerning the Work Units form 5.10.1931.