N.Z.O. Presidency, London, Circulars Sent to Revisionist Movement Institutions and Members, English

02.12.1936 - 07.03.1940

Reference Code : G 4 - 2/ 1

Archive: N.Z.O. Presidency, London
Material status: Scanned


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Hatzach (New Zionist Organization):
Hatzach aims as formulated during Founding Convention in Vienna and distribution of roles in institutions of the Presidency; Preparations
for Hatzohar Seventh World Conference and the World Convention; Changes in constitution accepted at the conference and questionnaires for members;
Reports on meetings of the Presidency.
Budgetary and financialmatters, appointments and criticism.
Financial report on Presidency expenditures;
Transfer of Tel Hai Fund to Tel Aviv; Instructions on subject of Letter Campaign and organizing territorial conferences in Hatzach branches in various countries; Decision by Hatzohar Conference in Warsaw to alter the financial structure.
Protest against British attitude toward illegal immigration; Connections with Peel Commission, including quotes from letters.
Protest against death sentence given to Shlomo Ben Yosef and Avraham Shein; Decision by Revisionists in Eretz Israel to join the National Executive.
Opening of Presidency branch in United States, following World War II.