N.Z.O. Presidency, London, Correspondence with Various Individuals

07.11.1935 - 06.02.1946

Reference Code : G 4 - 5/ 13

Archive: N.Z.O. Presidency, London
Material status: Scanned


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Hatzach (New Zionist Organization):
Correspondence with S. Landmann, Ezra Fernik, A. Zarychta, Locker-Lampson, Dr. Retinger,
Andre Mourois, Edvard Benes, Kopelowicz, Mrs. Chanania.
Letter from Abraham Abrahams to David Ben Gurion about joint action between the Zionist Organizations, establishment of a united Jewish front and a Jewish army to fight alongside the Allies.
Letter to British government about intention to establish a state across the Jordan.
Includes documents in French, German and Yiddish.
Also in file: Memorandum about solution to Jewish problem in Europe, and proposal to create a Jewish army.