N.Z.O. Presidency, London, ZIONEWS Zionist News Bulletin, English Edition, No. 1-13

16.04.1937 - 27.12.1939

Reference Code : G 4 - 21/ 1

Archive: N.Z.O. Presidency, London
Material status: Scanned


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Hatzach (New Zionist Organization):
Main topics:
Reports on situation in Eretz Israel and Europe; Negotiations in preparation for Round Table Conference; Peel Commission activity; Struggles regarding certificates, Partition Plan, illegal immigration, the White Paper. Idea to form a Jewish legion and to organize a Jewish National meeting; Shlomo Ben Yosef Affair; Return to National Executive; Condition of Revisionist Movement prisoners; Situation of Tel Hai Fund.
Question of Jewish refugees in Europe; Convention in Prague (preparations, Zeev Jabotinsky's opening speech and decisions taken); Decisions of Hatzohar Conference in Warsaw and meeting of the Presidency; Sections from petitions submitted to Mandates Commission, prior to publication of Woodhead Commission report; Arrival of ship the Sarah Aleph to Eretz Israel; Reports on activities and visits of Hatzach executives.