N.Z.O. Presidency, London, Informative Materials on Various Subjects

01.01.1935 - 31.03.1939

Reference Code : G 4 - 24

Archive: N.Z.O. Presidency, London
Material status: Scanned
Date Type: Approximate


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Hatzach (New Zionist Organization):
Memoranda on topics:
International conference on Jewish immigration, Zionism and the Arab problem.
Overview on: Discrimination against refugees in Germany and Austria who are Revisionist Jews, Transjordan from a legal perspective, and reasons for failure of Zionist Organization leadership.
Brochure by Eliyahu Ben Horin about leaving the Zionist Organization;
Brochures by Zeev Jabotinsky prior to Hatzach Founding Convention: Conclusion and Beginning, Hatzach, and Everyone's Right to Choose;
Brochure: "If Not We - Who?" - photographs and informative material about training for defense and the labor company.
Includes documents in German and Yiddish.