N.Z.O. Presidency, London, Administrative Committee - Memoranda

05.12.1940 - 06.02.1946

Reference Code : G 4 - 27/ 2

Archive: N.Z.O. Presidency, London
Material status: Scanned


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Hatzach (New Zionist Organization):
Main topics:
Memoranda about:
Forming a Jewish army; Propaganda by Hatzach in United States to allow free immigration; Idea to establish a body to engage in rehabilitating Europe, after the war; Establishment of British Parliamentary Commission to examine idea of creating a Jewish army, and rescuing European Jewry.
Memorandum from Benari about condition of Hatzach one year after Jabotinsky's death;
Memorandum to member representatives of the United Nations about British intention to grant independence to Transjordan.