Hatzohar, Executive Committee, Paris - London, Regulations, Hatzohar Program, Overviews

01.01.1934 - 31.12.1938

Reference Code : G 3 - 1/ 1

Archive: Hatzohar, Executive Committee, Paris - London
Material status: Scanned
Date Type: Approximate


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Hatzohar (Zionist Revisionists):
Brit Hatzohar (Union of Zionist Revisionists) positions about founding a Jewish state, immigration, Transjordan, Partition Plan, the Disagreement with the Workers' Movement, Principles of Betar Movement.
Overview of history of Brit Hatzohar and its positions concerning the essence of Zionism.
Pamphlet "Blue White Papers" about development of Revisionist Movement, aims of Zionism, a Jewish state on both sides of the Jordan, Eretz Israel's ability to absorb immigrants, position toward the British and the Arabs, an economic program and relationship with Zionist Organization.
Includes documents in German and English.