Hatzohar, Central Committee, Eretz Israel, Statutes and Proposals for Constitution

01.01.1926 - 31.12.1938

Reference Code : G 10 - 1

Archive: Hatzohar, Central Committee, Eretz Israel
Material status: Scanned


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Hatzohar Eretz Israel - Zionists Revisionists:
Sections from regulations for elections to Brit Hatzohar World Conference; Brit Hatzohar Eretz Israel elections regulations; Suggestions for corrections to Brit Hatzohar Constitution; Statutes of Eighth National Conference in Tel Aviv and its decisions on aliyah, acquiring lands, legislative council, boycott of Germany, Jewish work and products, Knesset Israel (Jewish Peoples Council), verdict against Abba Ahimeir and comrades, National Labour Organisation.
Includes documents in German.