Hatzohar, Central Committee, Eretz Israel, Various Institutions and Organizations - Correspondence

22.10.1926 - 30.06.1939

Reference Code : G 10 - 61

Archive: Hatzohar, Central Committee, Eretz Israel
Material status: Scanned


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Hatzohar Eretz Israel - Zionists Revisionists:
Correspondence with: Maccabi Sports Federation; Menorah Club, Retail Sellers Center in Tel Aviv and Jaffa, Organization of Jewish Artisans in Eretz Israel, Union of the Yeminites Council of Workers in Tel Aviv, Kibbutz Galuyot (Ingathering of the Exiles), Jewish National Citizens Association, Administration of United Center for Tel Aviv Municipal Elections, Loyalists to Hebrew Language Company, Organization of the Creditors of the Russian Zionist Centre, Organization of General Zionists, Jewish Community Committee of the Jewish National Council, Writers Association in Eretz Israel, National Agricultural Workers Association, Eastern Organization about plan to evacuate Jews from Poland, Organisation of Agricultural Laborers about work conflicts with Hatzohar.
Correspondence with Moshe Shertok about article in 'HaMashkif' claiming that Chaim Weizmann receives money from British government.
Also in file: 'Zechutenu' (Our Right) regulations; Newspaper item about telegrams in Hebrew; Summation of protocol from Special Meeting of General Zionists about aliyah (immigration); Commitment form for those joining Brit (alliance) Kanaim (enthusiasts) for Eretz Israel products; Notice calling to purchase products manufactured in Eretz Israel.
Invitations to assemblies and conferences.