N.Z.O. Head Office, Eretz Israel, Office of Chief Secretary, Government of Palestine - Correspondence and Memoranda

11.01.1936 - 11.12.1940

Reference Code : G 10 a - 8/ 2/ 1

Archive: N.Z.O. Head Office, Eretz Israel
Material status: Scanned


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Hatzach - New Zionist Organization:
Protest against distortion of information by Government Press Bureau about disturbances in Tiberias; Security situation in Eretz Israel and recruiting Jews to defense units; Certificate distribution to Hatzach members; Regulations to prevent forgeries in elections to Elected Assembly; Demand to examine situation of Jewish prisoners; Personal requests; Arrest of illegal immigrants in Atlit; Assistance to British in World War II; Situation of Jews as result of war's outbreak.
Memoranda about: Necessity to update elections regulations for Elected Assembly; Discrimination against Hatzach members regarding certificate distribution and in defense forces; Preventing Hatzach members from entering Eretz Israel;
Suspending publication of HaYarden (The Jordan) newspaper; Hatzach members imprisoned in Acre Prison.