N.Z.O. Head Office, Eretz Israel, Documents Relating to People's Liberation Faction within Hatzach

02.04.1940 - 06.12.1940

Reference Code : G 10 a - 13/ 7

Archive: N.Z.O. Head Office, Eretz Israel
Material status: Scanned


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Hatzach - New Zionist Organization:
Principles and plans of action regarding voting rights and method for national conference; Necessary changes in organization of Hatzach movement following death of Zeev Jabotinsky; proposals for restoring Hatzach and Betar; Open letter to Vaad HaMurshim (Central Committee) about criticism of negotiations with Mapai (Workers Party of Eretz Israel) and Jewish Agency.
Hadim (Echoes) - Internal publications about faction positions regarding politics, National Laborers Front and National Labour Organisation.
Hadar (Glory) - Internal circular for youth about the command, nature of Hatzach and faction principles.
Davar HaShichrur - Faction journal, one time publication.