N.Z.O. Head Office, Eretz Israel, Proposals for Action and Plans of Revisionist Movement Members

01.02.1936 - 19.12.1940

Reference Code : G 10 a - 18/ 5

Archive: N.Z.O. Head Office, Eretz Israel
Material status: Scanned
Date Type: Approximate


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Hatzach - New Zionist Organization:
Proposals in area of economics, agrarianism, publicity and information dispersal, education, construction and farming.
Proposals to solve problem of German Jews; Appointment of new Zionist leadership headed by Brandeis; Elections to Yishuv (pre-State community) institutions; Establishing provisional Jewish government; Agreement among Yishuv constituents; Concentrating Hatzach institutions with National Movement in Eretz Israel; Main guidelines for Hatzach plan of action; Organization of Israel Laborers principles; Publishing books and publications following death of Zeev Jabotinsky.