Etzel Diaspora Headquarters, Paris, Correspondence with Italy Branch

01.01.1946 - 31.12.1949

Reference Code : K 18 - 2/ 5/ 1

Archive: Etzel Diaspora Headquarters, Paris
Material status: Scanned
Date Type: Approximate


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Main topics: weapons procument and transfer to Eretz Israel. Matters of immigration and visas. Branch condition: activities reports, list of officers and one-time questionnaire.
Betar: relations with branch, Betar certificates factory, establishing Betar Provisional Office for Diaspora Affairs, preparations for Fourth World Conference.
Problem of official status for Etzel envoys in Diaspora after establishment of State of Israel, and reports on their activities. Propaganda and Hasbarah. Opening of school for sergeants and soldiers. Relations with Haganah. Preparations for appeal and progress reports. Report on appeal for the disabled veterans of the Jewish War for Independence.
Judgment of military court for Etzel on charges of treason and informing. Also in the file: newspaper items and flyer in Yiddish.
Includes documents in Yiddish, French and Italian.