Etzel Diaspora Headquarters, Paris, Relations between Etzel and Betar - General Correspondence

01.01.1946 - 31.12.1949

Reference Code : K 18 - 7/ 1

Archive: Etzel Diaspora Headquarters, Paris
Material status: Scanned
Date Type: Approximate


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Main topics: attempts to establish joint body for coordination and cooperation, Etzel members activity in Betar, Betar members actions against Etzel, organizing illegal immigration by National Liberation Committee, Betar principles and goals. Notification of Betar decision on cooperation with Herut movement. Agreements between Etzel headquarters in Europe representatives and Betar: Provisions - defining activity areas of Etzel and Betar.
Provisions for joint work in Europe according to arrangement between Etzel and Betar. Agreement to leave ten soldiers in Europe. Principles and goals for relations between Etzel and Betar. Agreement proposal between Etzel and Betar in Diaspora - Regulation of relations, authority and conflict resolution.
Includes documents in Yiddish.