Etzel Diaspora Headquarters, Paris, Dismantling of Etzel and Establishment of Herut Movement

24.06.1948 - 31.12.1949

Reference Code : K 18 - 8/ 1

Archive: Etzel Diaspora Headquarters, Paris
Material status: Scanned
Date Type: Approximate


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Call for Etzel soldiers to immigrate to Eretz Israel and join IDF. Obtaining permits from recruitment commission for Etzel Diaspora envoys. Reorganization of Etzel Diaspora work. Establishment of Diaspora department for Herut movement and its functions. Establishment of Herut branches outside of
Israel and activity reports. Establishment of Freedom for Eretz Israel movement. Relations between Herut and Betar and Hatzohar. Establishment of federation between Herut in Eretz Israel and Hatzohar in Diaspora. Establishment of Shelach. Fundraising for families of Etzel fallen soldiers. Matters of Aliyah (immigration), settlement and funds. Constituent assembly elections. Menachem Begin speech. Decisions from Etzel commanders meeting in December 1948 in Paris. Mendel Milteski (Arie) speech at Etzel Diaspora commanders conference in Paris. Assembly faction bulletins - Herut Movement in Knesset regarding Knesset opening session, Rhodes agreement and interim constitution question. Etzel notice about ceasing its military division within State of Israel, continuation of its Diaspora operations and non-recognition of Israel provisional government. Ministry of Defense provision on need for permits for envoys of Diaspora institutions. Ministry of Defense mobilization order to conscripts outside of Israel. Statement to newspapers about emergency laws of Provisional Government of Israel.
Herut Movement statement about armistice agreement with Egypt. Lists of Hebrew newspaper editors, journalists and their addresses. Lists of names and addresses.
Includes documents in French and Yiddish.