Etzel Diaspora Headquarters, Paris, Publications in English - Notices

01.01.1947 - 31.12.1948

Reference Code : K 18 - 13/ 1

Archive: Etzel Diaspora Headquarters, Paris
Material status: Scanned
Date Type: Approximate


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Notices about: Call to students to join Etzel, call to declare Jerusalem as capital of Israel, trial of eight Israeli officers who refused to fire on the Altalena, Etzel refusal to recognize UN partition resolution, details of Etzel operations against British targets in Austria, announcement to continue struggle until liberation of Israel, section of article by Menachem Begin about demilitarization of Jerusalem, sections of testimonies by Jacob Weiss, Meir Nakar, and Avshalom Haviv. Excerpts from Kol Zion Halohemet broadcasts.