Etzel Collection, Relationship Between Etzel and Lehi: Letters

15.07.1940 - 29.06.1946

Reference Code : K 4 - 1/ 15/ 2

Archive: Etzel Collection
Material status: Scanned


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Telegram from Zeev Jabotinsky to Avraham Stern requesting not to divide Etzel.
Letter from group of Etzel members under authority of Avraham Stern to Zeev Jabotinsky.
Letter from Menachem Begin regarding negotiations for cooperative action or unification between Etzel and Lehi.
Letter from Menachem Begin to Yitzhak Yizernitsky (Shamir) in response to 'step-members' (Lehi) about proposals for cooperative action.
Overview by Etzel of relationship with Lehi.
Copy of letter by Yitzhak Yizernitsky (Shamir) to Menachem Begin. (not scanned)