Etzel Collection, Kol Zion Halohemet (Voice of Fighting Zion) Broadcasts - Leaflets and Brochures No. 133 - 175

04.01.1948 - 16.05.1948

Reference Code : K 4 - 13/ 8

Archive: Etzel Collection
Material status: Scanned


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Etzel actions: attacks on Arab gangs in areas of Yaazor, Yehudia, Ramallah and Kalkilya; weapons confiscation from British military camps; conquest of Deir Yassin; attack on British military train; conquest of Jaffa; conquest of Yehudia; mop-up operations in Harei Efraim (Efraim Mountains); battles in Jerusalem.
Relationship with Hagana: kidnappings of Etzel members; torture by Hagana and kidnappings in retaliation by Etzel; Yedidya Segal affair; negotiations for potential agreement with Hagana; Hagana interference in providing Etzel members with reinforcement to Mishmar Hayarden.
Situation in Eretz Israel: political situation at beginning of 1948; security situation in Jerusalem; killing of Jews in Haifa oil refinery; British preparations to leave Eretz Israel; course of Jerusalem battles and War for Independence.
In Arab camp: preparations to invade Eretz Israel; activity in the various Arab nations.
Illegal immigration: expulsion of illegal immigrants of ship the Nachshon.
Etzel call for Yishuv (pre-State community) leadership resignation and establishment of Jewish government.
U.N. deliberations on Eretz Israel question. Criticism of British policy in Eretz Israel.
Memorial to Olei Hagardom (death row inmates);
Collection for Iron Fund.
Speech of Menachem Begin upon founding of State of Israel.