Etzel Collection, BaHerev (With the Sword), Monthly

26.10.1938 - 21.06.1944

Reference Code : K 4 - 14/ 4

Archive: Etzel Collection
Material status: Scanned


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Main topics:
Reports on events and atmosphere in Eretz Israel, the Yishuv (pre-State community) and in Arab camp; reports on injuries to Jews in Europe and course of the war; question of enlistment to British Army; Zionism in eyes of Etzel; role of Etzel; goals of Jewish people's fight; differences of opinion with Hagana; the restraint; memorial to Zeev Jabotinsky, David Raziel, Avraham Stern (Yair), Shlomo Ben Yosef and Etzel fallen.
Instructions for field security; instructions for those in hiding and those arrested; list of suspects in contact with secret police; Struma Affair;
Etzel announcement in preparation for end of the World War, calling for a struggle to establish the state.