Etzel Collection, The Sentinel - Weekly Bulletin (No. 1-11)

03.02.1939 - 24.04.1939

Reference Code : K 4 - 15/ 7

Archive: Etzel Collection
Material status: Scanned


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Main topics:
Remarks by British personalities regarding permission for free immigration; connection between the Arabs and the Nazis; significance of Partition Plan; British failure to provide security in Eretz Israel and readiness of Jewish Yishuv (pre-State community) to carry weapons in event of war; geographic and demographic data on Eretz Israel and Arab states; report on London Talks; necessity to fight in order to achieve a state in Eretz Israel; criticism of Yishuv (pre-State community) institutions concerning their response to riots; in memory of Yosef Trumpeldor; reports on events in Eretz Israel and in the world; overview of England and Zionism, Hitler, the Jews and England; report on sport.