Lehi Collection, Notices, Posters

16.09.1940 - 25.01.1949

Reference Code : K 5 - 2/ 1

Archive: Lehi Collection
Material status: Scanned
Date Type: Approximate


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Wanted notices for Lehi members and British police;
Criticism of British policy in Eretz Israel, closing gates of the country to aliyah, expulsion of illegal immigrant ships, the Struma Affair, Ramat HaHovesh Affair, murder at Dizengoff Street 30, murder of Avraham (Yair) Stern, deportation of the 251 to Africa, economic policy in Eretz Israel, attitude toward Underground prisoners, murder of Jewish detainees in Eritrea, Alexander Rubovitz Affair.
Lehi activities - Lord Moyne Assassination, execution of officers Shiff and Goldman, attempted assassination of High Commissioner MacMichael, murder of Thomas Wilkin, T.G. Martin and A. E. Conquest, Lehi attack on British Criminal Investigation Department in Tel Aviv, explosion of institutions of British rule, attacks on military vehicles, attempted bombing of Whitehall Club of the Colonial Office in London, attack on British oil facilities in Haifa Gulf;
Attacks on military and fuel trains, execution of Israel Levin and Michael Wachsman, attacks on assemblies of Arab rioters and their devices.
Call to battle against the British, not to enlist in their army nor to pay taxes;
Call to youth to join the Youth Front, Lehi's youth movement.
Trials of Eliyahu Hakim and Eliyahu Beit Tzuri and other Lehi members;
Criticism of Mapai (Workers Party of Eretz Israel) leaders' and Revisionist support for Great Britain, discrimination against Underground members and pursuit after them by Yishuv (pre-State community) leaders, the 'Hunting Season'.
Lehi agreement to mutual cease-fire with British following appeal by U.N. Special Session, until solution to Eretz Israel problem will be decided upon;
Criticism of UNSCOP recommendations and opposition to partition of Eretz Israel;
Course of War for Independence battles in Jerusalem and Jaffa areas;
Deir Yassin Affair;
Objection to delegitimization of Lehi by Provisional Government;
Hunger strike by Lehi detainees in response to Provisional Government's instructions.
Includes notices in Yiddish and Arabic.