Lehi Collection, Informational Brochures

30.09.1943 - 02.12.1948

Reference Code : K 5 - 2/ 3

Archive: Lehi Collection
Material status: Scanned
Date Type: Approximate


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"Ve'Lo Hazarnu LaBasis" (And We Didn't Return to the Base) - Attack on Haifa railway factories, capture of perpetrators, detention in Acre Prison, trial, death penalty and pardon.
"Shevet" (Tribe), from 'In the Underground' - Split in organization and doctrine of Yair (Avraham Stern).
Response to Esther Wilensky - publication in response to article in "Kol HaAm" (Voice of the People), including Lehi positions regarding struggle against Fascist axis, Eretz Israel within its historical borders, the Arab problem, attitude toward status of workers and attitude toward Soviet Union and United States.
"The Setting Empire Judah Ascending" - The enemy Great Britain, its power, power of Jewish people, Eretz Israel as front of the main struggle.
Foundation Stones of the Jewish Doctrine of Freedom - Lehi positions concerning solution to Jewish Problem and question of Eretz Israel, as well as path of the movement for Jewish liberation.
War and Not Struggle - publication about nature of struggle to establish a state.
Letter - Criticism of Yishuv (pre-State community) leadership policy and their handing over of Underground members.
Path to Freedom - Lehi aims and methods for realization through aliyah and settlement, independent Jewish policy, war against British and establishment of national leadership.
"BeKav Yashar" ('In a Straight Line') - Criticism of policy of limiting immigration and expulsion of illegal immigrants.
"HaHazit HaShniya Shel HaAm HaIvri" ('Second Front of the Jewish People') - Call to open a liberation war front to establish a state, in addition to fighting front against Hitler and anti-semitism.
"The Accused Accuse" - Declarations by Lehi fighters to British Military Court in Jerusalem.
"Fighting Leadership for a Fighting People" - Lehi criticism of Hagana.
Memorandum about imprisonment of Lehi members and their persecution by authorities following dissolution of Underground, treatment of prisoners and demand to re-legitimize the
Memorandum to UNSCOP (see file K 5/1/7)