Lehi Collection, Avraham Stern - Brochures, Articles and Overviews of His Life and Activity (1942 - 1986)

23.12.1907 - 12.02.1942

Reference Code : K 5 - 7/ 1

Archive: Lehi Collection
Material status: Scanned


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Overview of life of Avraham Stern (from brochure 'Yair', Freedom Fighters for Israel publication);
Typewritten article from HaBoker newspaper about capture and killing of Avraham Stern;
Letter from Eri Jabotinsky to editor of Zionews about murder of Avraham Stern with criticism of British policy in Eretz Israel;
Overview by Geula Cohen about Yair's service;
Overview by Dr. Israel Eldad about Yair and his principles;
Brochures in memory of Yair;
Letter from Reuven Greenberg and Yehuda Harari informing that the roof apartment in which Yair was killed has been transferred to Memorial Association for Fallen Lehi Fighters;
Inquiry from committee to establish Beit Yair with request to donate to founding of the museum;
Newspaper items about life and death of Yair;
Articles about versions by Geoffrey Morton and Bernard Stemp about Yair's murder.