Lehi Collection, 'Eidei HaMaas' (Witnesses to the Deed) - Pamphlet

19.09.1963 - 12.04.1964

Reference Code : K 5 - 9/ 5

Archive: Lehi Collection
Material status: Scanned
Date Type: Approximate


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'Eidei HaMaas' (Witnesses to the Deed), Chapters from History of Lehi.
Main topics:
Attack on CID (Criminal Investigation Department) offices for Tel Aviv District; Confiscation of monies from Barclays Bank; Operation to explode bridge in Yavneh in cooperation with Etzel; Escape from Mizra; Assassination of Wilkin and Martin; Activity to commemorate the fallen; Actions of Yaakov Granek (Dov); Escape from Latrun Detention Camp; 'Procurement' Action in Holon; Setting mines next to military camp in Tel Litwinsky; In memory of the fallen.