The New Zionist Organization and the Polish Government 1936 - 1939

Reference Code : K8 - 132

Author: Weinbaum Laurence
Year : 1988
Institution: University of Warsaw
Research type: Doctorate dissertation


Cooperation between Hatzach (New Zionist Organization) and Polish Government during years 1936 - 1939 concerning mass immigration of Jews from Poland to Eretz Israel:
Jewish problem in Poland; Ideology and political policy of Hatzach;
Ten year plan and Evacuation plan;
Polish response to program;
Reaction of the Jews: Bund, Zionist institutions, American Jewry;
Hatzach attitude to anti-Semitism;
Military cooperation between Poland and Etzel: arms and ammunition, practice, armed illegal immigration plan
The Zion Sejm and other forms of cooperation.